I’ve spent time in prison so I’m going to give you a first person prison account in this category of posts, the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Harvard grad and convicted felon of a crime the state of Hawaii now acknowledges is no biggie so let’s expunge the record post conviction, I have a unique perspective about incarceration. This post discusses make abandonment of imprisoned women.

Street Prayer I Said Every Time I Turned to the Street to Get $

These posts are the snapshots of experience lived by Caroleena, addicted street sex worker in Honolulu, circa 2000, and Harvard grad, magna cum laude. Now that’s a unique amalgamation of characteristics that produce an author capable of surprising, amusing, titillating, horrifying. Don’t miss this blog but click on provided link!

Pioneering Rappers Owe Women an Apology

Rap Royalty needs To do a re-write of All misogynist lyrics in existence and stop wasting the chance To show the world How To revere Women, especially black Women, Your Women.

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