In the United States,if you become a defendant in a criminal case, you’re entitled to an attorney but you’re not entitled to one on that’s on your side.

I once needed a public defender in a criminal matter. When we went to court this public defender, who was presented to me as my attorney, sat with the prosecutor in what I assumed was general attorney seating. Then, I got a new guy, who gave me new funding which enabled me to hire a new attorney. The new attorney sat with me during court. He told me there was no designated attorney seating except for those attorneys appearing in front of the judge right then. Lawyers were free to it wherever they chose. The public defender and prosecutor sat together because they wanted to be with their colleagues since they were on the same side. They sat away from me bc their side opposed mine. That small act of seat choice was very enlightening to me. That’s why I say, the little things reveal so much truth. Never hesitate to ponder that which people tell you to dismiss bc “it’s no big deal” and you’re”overthinking.”

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