Whatever has not killed me had made me stronger. Sure, I’ll buy that but guess what?

Survival comes bearing gifts of cynicism, bitterness, and even PTSD. Survival, great though it often is, does not preclude the need for therapy.

Strong and bitter. But totally stronger

2 responses to “Whatever has not killed me had made me stronger. Sure, I’ll buy that but guess what?”

  1. Bitterness is a part of life as an emotional human being. It’s just another flavor. It’s not wrong to feel certain ways. It can be unhealthy if it adversely impacts our lives. I cannot imagine eating bitter foods every single day but every once in a while I can hold in high regard what it does to the palate and my appreciation of sweetness. As in life bitter experiences can highlight wonderful experiences; it is all in the way we choose to internalize and perceive it.

    Korean dramas seem the popular thing in Hawaii and it seems to bridge all races and creeds. I am not a fan but it seems that the bittersweet trials of life are a common core of the various series. I have had bittersweet experiences in life where I still feel the pain and bitterness and am still waiting for the sweetness. I think there is degrees of depth in every feeling and the depths of bitterness has an inverse time relation for the sweetness to develop.


    • I am bitter right now that the post button was a little to close for my fat fingers!

      Back to my thoughts…

      The popularity of Kdramas I think shows that at some level we appreciate those feelings but it can definitely take time. I embrace my bitterness because it is a part of who I am. To discount that is to discount the good that develops as a result.

      As I go through this life I have found my tastes change. As a younger version of myself I loved candy. At this stage of my life I find many candies to sweet and prefer the slight bitterness of 70% cacao. Take from that what you will.


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