A Photo of How Honolulu Confirmed My Good Health

My doctor’s office is in Queens Hospital, the premier trauma hospital for the Pacific. There was a guy who I imagine was a health care professional, guarding the entry. He had a thermometer that worked by being placed near the forehead. When I proved I was fever-free, only then was I allowed in. Yes, I had a Daily Pass (see photo of sticker) ironically proving I was healthy, and therefore eligible to see a doctor. Hope the thermometer doesn’t become a vector for infection but I have to assume they thought of that.

3 responses to “A Photo of How Honolulu Confirmed My Good Health”

  1. Now I’m wondering what the secondary or tertiary measures are in place. Things can have a tendency to escalate quickly.


    • I wonder why these precautions aren’t in place at hotels, and the like. If people do get turned away for having an elevated temperature, what do they do?


      • For hospitals I would think the admitting policy would be geared toward isolation and containment. I’m assuming if you get turned away from the lobby there is a place in ER which does a more refined assessment with the tertiary measure being admittance to a negative air pressure room or an isolation room. Problem being a limited amount available. We are definitely not ready for a pandemic. We do not have the facilities nor the tests needed for anything large scale. I don’t think we are prepared for a small scale either. I bet those health and science budget cuts look pretty bad to others right now. They always did look bad to me.


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