A Photo of How Honolulu Confirmed My Good Health

Look at this photo of the “Daily Pass” I had to get before being admitted to my doctor’s office in Honolulu. Now this virus feels real for me too.

My doctor’s office is in Queens Hospital, the premier trauma hospital for the Pacific. There was a guy who I imagine was a health care professional, guarding the entry. He had a thermometer that worked by being placed near the forehead. When I proved I was fever-free, only then was I allowed in. Yes, I had a Daily Pass (see photo of sticker) ironically proving I was healthy, and therefore eligible to see a doctor. Hope the thermometer doesn’t become a vector for infection but I have to assume they thought of that.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

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3 replies on “A Photo of How Honolulu Confirmed My Good Health”

Now I’m wondering what the secondary or tertiary measures are in place. Things can have a tendency to escalate quickly.


I wonder why these precautions aren’t in place at hotels, and the like. If people do get turned away for having an elevated temperature, what do they do?


For hospitals I would think the admitting policy would be geared toward isolation and containment. I’m assuming if you get turned away from the lobby there is a place in ER which does a more refined assessment with the tertiary measure being admittance to a negative air pressure room or an isolation room. Problem being a limited amount available. We are definitely not ready for a pandemic. We do not have the facilities nor the tests needed for anything large scale. I don’t think we are prepared for a small scale either. I bet those health and science budget cuts look pretty bad to others right now. They always did look bad to me.


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