Fact: women are physically weaker than men. The Art of War Says: So What?

We Women Rely on a different kind of strength if we put the teachings of The Art of War into action

Men are stronger than women. Men worry about women they love, like their sisters, and say “my sister is tougher than any guy.” You see, men know what guys say when women are t present. Men might know more than women how dangerous life is for women. They want to believe their sisters can fight off threats. I understand the need to seek comfort in this notion but it’s not true. I’m in great shape and people think I must be tougher than lots of guys. I’m not. I’m betting even a trained fighter who is elite, among women, like the MMA women can’t overpower most men. (I’m in such great shape that on two separate occasions I was approached by coaches of women’s boxing and I’ll tell you that funny story next time).

The Art of War is an…

Ancient Chinese text of uncertain authorship that teaches great stuff about how to win. Examples:

*Know your enemy

*Never fight your enemy in a way that favors his strengths. He can be beaten if you attack him where he is weakest.

Why don’t lions and tigers and bears rule the world. They are physically stronger. One on one, a human will always lose in hand to hand (paw) combat. So what don’t we do? We avoid hand against paw and outsmart them. The winner is not necessarily the physically strongest, the winner is the one who fights using her strengths. Had the Vietnamese confronted American soldiers face to face they’d have been crushed. But they fought a guerilla war, relying heavily on stealth,deception, and using America’s enemies against the U.S.. It’s the same way the colonists beat the British with the help of the French.

How Have I Outsmarted Would-be Assailants?

I will give you a more extensive list, but one example is, if I know he doesn’t want anyone to suspect what he is up to, I would resort to scratching his face. It wouldn’t overpower him but I knew my enemy and I knew he couldn’t go home like that so instantly, he withdrew.

Men are stronger than women one against one so we women have to be smarter by knowing his weakness and exploiting it.

Caroleena, speaking of how she foiled several would-be rapists over the years.

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