“You’re Such a Pretty Lady You’d be Perfect with a Big ****”

Secret Homosexual Acts between husbands and male working “girls” are commonplace secrets in Honolulu

A downtown female crack addicted streetwalker can be had for as little as $20. These women, “crack ho’s” are not rare and they will do a lot with you for just enough money to get the next high, $20 for the next tenth of a gram of ice or boy (heroin) or ma’a (the word for rock in Samoan, colloquially used to denote crack). Sometimes they call the crack Ho’s “point ones” because that’s what a tenth of  gram looks like on  digital  scale used for weighing dope–.1. Guys who go downtown think of themselves as benefactors if they pay a female $60. However, they will open their wallets for a pretty mahu (transgender) hooker who is not on drugs. I mean a mahu that looks too good to be female. The crack ho’s are tore up from the floor up. But your average mahu…she’s a beauty. Yes, $1000 spent on a chick with a d**k is money well spent. Keep in mind that clients want a chick with a functional d**k. If guys are going to go with a man, they want to do stuff they can’t do with a woman. And they get pretty raunchy with these mahus, even playing the role of the female, sexually speaking. These husbands (to some unsuspecting women) want the mahu to do them, and that shocks people. These clients are really good at keeping their secrets. They never feel the need to unburden themselves by confessing. They will take the secret of their sexual encounters with men to the grave and never self identify as liars or gay.

A client talking about how he compartmentalizes his life with TG (male) hookers and his professional and public life as a married business man.

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