Early Thoughts About Saying Yes to crack

I want to give you some if my thinking in the early days of the blog. In a nutshell, I went to crack bc I had done everything I was supposed to do to be successful and happy yet I still felt empty. I met some new people. I was desperate to stop feeling all the hurt and emptiness and no action seemed like self pity.

2 responses to “Early Thoughts About Saying Yes to crack”

  1. I had a hard time with crack. It was difficult for me to stop. From the vantage point I have now that it is behind me I can say, with authority, you should never do a drug named for a part of your ass.


    • Crack cocaine–A bit of fascinating trivia I think is accurate: I believe they called the drug crack bc if the sound it made. The pebble-like drug that was placed in the end of a cigarette size glass tube (the “pipe”) on top of a metal mesh type of screen. Many people used about any inch of the brillo Chore Boy, molded to fit in the top of a pipe by inserting a chopstick into the opposite end of the pipe, putting the screen side of the pipe on a book or something similar, and carefully tapping the screen snuggly into place against the sides of the glass but loose enough to allow inhaled air to pull through the screen.. The user tilted his head back once the rock was placed in the 1/8 of an inch space left at the end if the pipe to keep the rock in the pipe. He held the pipe between his lips with the assistance of one hand and lit the pipe with the other hand holding fast to the lighter while depressing the lever that let butane gas escape. Normally, people flick the wheel and only hold the lever down for the five seconds it takes to light a cigarette. But to smoke crack one needs to keep the butane gas flowing to maintain the flame and its heat flowing over the melting crack rock.for, say, 20 seconds. The flame passed over the drug, which rapidly liquified then turned to white gas visibly travelling through the tube nto the user’s mouth. People like me lived to watch the smoke. As the gas cooled in the tube it would re-solidify as a resin on the side of the tube. The resin built up each hit and could later be scraped off and smoked. That’s the inhaling part, called “taking a hit.”. Good quality cocaine the drug made a sharp cracking sound when the user gently inhaled the lighter flame. In other words, it cracked dramatically when you smoked it. Wow, that took 45 minutes to write about taking a hit and that only takes 45 seconds to do. During my crack days the act of writing that passage would have been a major trigger (strong reminder that makes a person crave doing that which is remembered). My stomach would feel like I was on a roller coaster–just by verbalizing or even thinking about crack. The addiction was that physically powerful and anyone who smoked crack can relate. What changed? The quality of the coke decreased around the year 2000. I just gradually fell away from doing it. To be fair, I fell into doing meth. I got over crack by switching substances nearly 20 years ago.


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