The “N” word and addict behavior–How to spot your beloved addict’s manipulation featured in YouTube Secret Camera

Once again, I maged secret recording so you can witness addict behavior with absolutely no editing. I will set the scene.

  • I saw a neighbor’s unauthorized roommate with a bike that looked like a bike that was stolen from me
  • I knocked in the door thinking we could discuss bc somehow, perhaps through no fault of his, a different bike that had been stolen at Safeway ended up in their apartment. They returned that bike when I showed I had the matching wheel
  • DEFLECTION is a major strategy used by thieves to keep people from seeing their actions or confronting them. In the beginning of the video you’ll hear me ask nicely about bike. At the 2 minute 39 second mark the two will attempt deflection by telling, threatening, accusing me if something, getting in my face and when all else fails, I’m called a “nigger.” If your addict gets outrageous when you catch him doing something, don’t allow him to distract you
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