The “Necessity” of church in Florida. Check out controversy shared via this Tweet from CNN (@CNN)

CNN (@CNN) Tweeted: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said religious services conducted in churches, synagogues and houses of worship are “essential business” and therefore exempt from this stay-at-home executive order

Wow! Let me state upfront that I don’t go to church although I’ve done a bit of Bible college (for real). I’ve read Bible many times. the Israelites were instructed to write God’s edicts on the tablets of their hearts so that they will always have God’s words within them. We are also told by Jesus that the Holy Spirit will be sent as an indwelling comforter and That God is within–why our bodies are the Temple of the Lord. Our bodies are our church. If churches aren’t teaching that they’re not giving the message.

Does the Florida governor think God will place a “hedge of protection” around those who attend church services at this time? Or is the governor of being pressured by religious leaders who want the tithes and offerings of scared people trying to get right with Jesus in the end times? I hope I am wrong in my cynicism but, if I’m right I won’t be surprised.

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