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Writing about thoughts so painful you wish you’d never thought the thought:

I am constitutionally incapable of remaining indifferent to negative reviews. What other people think matters to me and the fact that I care also matters to me bc the really together people don’t let bad feedback get to them. I want to be together and have you think so and mention it aloud thus sending the image I project back to me. My God, I want to be liked and publicly known for my attractiveness and wit, yet I write under the title of one of the most denigrated groups of all time. Am I constantly working against what I say I want, or what? Should I change my title by removing any reference to sex work, past, present, or future, and if I do, what makes me different?

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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I like the way you look and think you are intelligent and witty. The whole title thing just promotes the fact that you exude sexuality.


How can I do anything but approve your comment? Lol


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