If 18 year old girls interest you, check the Link: “She accidentally hit her testicles,” is phrase in this article: This Is Why VSCO Girls Keep Saying “Sksksksk”

Link to article claiming most slang originates in black (esp. female) and LGBT communities. Read for yourself:


I expected to read expressions I know. Ok, I’m a bit more than a decade or two older than the 18 year old VSCO‘s who use the words that were appropriated from people who look like me –without acknowledgement. Those bitches, I thought, VSCO girls. White posers. But then I read the article and I didn’t know any of the references. It stated black women were a main slang source. Women, you guessed it, like RuPaul. Am I right wing to suggest RuPaul is a man, hence prone to testicular mishaps no woman battles. Either this article is wrong about what’s “black” and “female” or I’m out of touch. Potentially, both. The main point is, it’s probably good to view claims that anything can be designated the property of any racial group. In fact, let’s have some doubt about how we identify races. We are already rethinking gender identity. Look at me, supposedly a black female and not only do I not get slang, but none of my words have entered the popular discourse! In a world where a magazine prints “she” can injure her “testicles,” and that phrase passes editorial muster, what do I know about talking? Sorry about the “bitches” remark. I don’t care who says words I don’t even understand.

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