There is One True Fact You Must Know To Live A Long Life

I have studied health all of my life, including the research of people who study individuals who live to be 100. Time and Time and Time again I hear this, and I want you to know:

Obese people do not live to become elderly. No one who has lived to 100 has been obese. Not one person.

Yes, I am aware that there are people who find extra weight on a partner sexually appealing. When I looked for dates on the street I found out I had been passed over many times by guys who thought I was “too skinny,” but they had no choice at that time so they settled for me. I remember sitting in the passenger seat of a guy explaining to me he didn’t like “big and sloppy” but he loved “big and floppy” whereas I was “boyish.”

I do admit that my friend who died said he liked me with a little more weight, so I picked up the Haagën Daz. Nothing is more reliable for weight gain than a daily Haagën Daz habit. Later, after he died, I heard unconfirmed rumors that he wanted me to gain weight to make me less appealing to other guys to make me more likely to stay in a situation without any commitment on his part. I realize weight can be closely tied to a person feeling desirable and actually being desired. Weight is not only a health issue. If you choose to stay overweight and not fight the horrendously difficult battle to slim down, ok. But know this: fat people don’t get old.

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