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ReTweet of New sex Standard that Involves (What Else?) Pres. Trump!Tweet from Anna Brown (@aerbrown)

Before having sex do you ask about Trump? What about before popping the question?

When You Consider Having Sex Do you Weigh Political Compatibility? My guess is “no.”

But a lasting relationship, that’s public…would you want people to know you do publicly unmentionable things with someone who supports Trump enough for re-election? I’ve never thought about it, but many have. Look at this tweet➡️

Anna Brown (@aerbrown) Tweeted: 13% of Democratic daters say they would not consider being in a relationship with someone who voted for Hillary Clinton. This compares with only 5% of Republican daters who say the same about dating a Trump voter.

People have collected data on this issue. Three of my big standards: a.) I want to be treated like a queen by someone who b.) is a wee bit in awe of me and c.) I want to reciprocate the action and feeling. Maybe I’m single bc I’m asking the wrong questions! Should I ask for the person’s opinion if the POTUS declaration that he is a stable genius?

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One reply on “ReTweet of New sex Standard that Involves (What Else?) Pres. Trump!Tweet from Anna Brown (@aerbrown)”

Trump supporter is a no go for me. It’s to far from where I am at. I had a provider who has things I liked. Saw her a few times. Real nice lady. Told me she voted for trump and I never went back. I am human and not perfect. It’s the same with businesses. Support trump and I spend somewhere else. If I was dating it would also be the same.

I miss those things but hate trump even more.


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