Is racial profiling real or do you have a chip on your shoulder? Let’s think about thinking.

A Plainspoken Observation by Someone Who Can’t Spot Irony

The problem with you Blacks is, you Blacks always think it’s about race.”

No, the person did not realize that he was making an issue about race by singling out as group. That’s funny, but let me not distract from the legitimate point that I, bc he was talking about me, am hypersensitive after experiencing racism. I found a wonderful site that answered my question: what do you call it when you become aware of something and then you see it everywhere? Check this out:

When you learn about something that thing will be in the forefront of your mind, thus heightening your unconscious awareness. Combine that awareness with one of the most common thinking errors I hear in debates–paying attention to that which supports your point of view while ignoring contrary evidence or Confirmation Bias. We all engage in confirmation Bias and we have two pathways after we learn if it. Some deny they could ever be so illogical and refuse to contemplate their observations. Or, we reluctantly admit we might make such obvious errors and make attempts to correct our thinking. All people who learn of confirmation Bias are quick to point it out in others.

. So, I see racism bc I’ve been exposed to it. But the problem arises when I see racism everywhere and ignore the very many times race is not a factor.

2 responses to “Is racial profiling real or do you have a chip on your shoulder? Let’s think about thinking.”

  1. I don’t think anyone can blame you given your life experiences. I’ve just read a few stories and can’t find fault with you seeing racism everywhere. Keep smiling and remember some people are face value. It’s just sometimes that value is a loss. Don’t forget there is still positives in this world.

    Stay beautiful


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