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Image from Photo Lab app sparks Embarrassing Revelation but I feel you will understand

I’m through wasting time worrying about my appearance bc now that no one sees me I am appalled to find a void in my life which primping previously occupied.

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This is the kind of mask I need. It’s incredibly shallow but I’m going to admit to a makeup habit. I’m attached to wearing lipstick and I don’t want lipstick to become superfluous. I miss shopping for lipstick. Generally speaking, I miss getting dressed to be seen. I’m quite surprised at how much mental energy I’ve devoted and as I write this I am, in this moment of epiphany, understanding how much of my mind I have wasted and my days are going to be devoted to study. You were a witness to the transformation within me back to who I used to be when I learned for fun and not to demonstrate to someone that I have a qualification. Yes, the reclaimed nerd within, of my youth.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

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One reply on “Image from Photo Lab app sparks Embarrassing Revelation but I feel you will understand”

You don’t strike me as the type who stops learning. You seem to be the learn something every day kind of person.

Lipstick does accentuate those lips but your main physical outlet of visual sexuality is in your eyes.

Just my opinion of course on both accounts.


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