Totally Revolutionary Hand washing Video Link if you REALLY Want to Master the process

Black ink as a hand washing teaching tool? Yes! A must see

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7 thoughts on “Totally Revolutionary Hand washing Video Link if you REALLY Want to Master the process

    1. I wish this app allowed for editing of comments. That send button is strong stuff

    1. Agreed. There is much more in this universe we do not understand than we do. My shame comes from a lack of knowledge of something so elementary! It also makes me wonder about other simple things I might be misunderstanding.

      I saw a video a few years back on a two pinch folding of a shirt that still blows my mind. The efficiency was undeniable. Although I have changed the process of hand washing I still find my shirts the same way. Not sure what that says about me. LOL

  1. I saw the black ink vid quite a while back and was ashamed I went this far in life without knowing how to properly wash my hands. You need to see the video where a doctor explains how to bring groceries in your home and control virus exposure. It also talks about bringing fast food into the home for those readers who don’t cook.

    This situation definitely made the research nerd in me come to the forefront. I posted the link for everyone below. I bought a few gallons of 99% rubbing alcohol to assist with my decontamination efforts.

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