Just BC She Was A Sex Worker Doesn’t Mean…Hooker Stereotype vs. Hooker Reality

One Assumption About Sex Workers is they have done it ALL. That’s sooo not true. There are things she is uncomfortable doing but is not opposed to, like any performance type gig such as web cam or stripping and then there’s the list of standards of acceptability developed after hearing requests over the years.

Everyone Has Sex Standards But Not Everyone Has had to Define them Bc You Don’t Know How You Feel Until The Situation Presents Itself. Sex Workers Have more presenting Situations.

Hooker Stereotype: she has or will do anything

Hooker Reality: she has a better grasp on her firm boundaries bc she has had to Define herself to maintain herself.

How does it feel regarding this group of people as people? I know it was weird for me finding out that groups I never thought of as, well, like me, were totally like me. It’s like I had to become everyone I judged to be cured of the burden of judging. What a relief!

Published by Harvard Grad elite meets Honolulu backstreets

The story, full of wit and wisdom: Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Past degradation➡present edification.

One thought on “Just BC She Was A Sex Worker Doesn’t Mean…Hooker Stereotype vs. Hooker Reality

  1. I have to agree. Sex workers are people too. As such they are subject to the same unique views as we all have. I still find a SW now and then who will have no part of my not uncommon fetish. I always thought of it as easier to deal with than what the average customer wants but every once in a while I get definitively denied and that’s ok. I try and discuss it before anything starts.


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