The Real Life Offbeat Encounters That Influenced 9 Point Sex Standards List: #1 Adult

Experience has taught me that I only want to deal with adults. Someone asked me to get him someone who is 7, and I realize that seven is not going to be followed by the word “teen. ” The guy wanted a seven year old. That’s a no so definite I don’t have to say anything I just hung up the phone

It’s a bit disconcerting to hear someone you’ve had sex with call you Auntie. That’s the respectful way younger people address women older than them or how senior women address each other. The age of consent in Hawaii was raised to 16 from 14 a few years ago, the exception to the rule is that 14 and 15 year olds can have sex with someone not more than 5 years older. There was nothing illegal about being with a17 year old, checking the Identification that he used for the school bus to make sure he is legal. But it is disturbing. The young generation posts milestones before they even get dressed. I know bc I asked him what he was doing on his phone while I was getting dressed. And they don’t use Facebook. Instagram, I think.

But worst of all was my feeling that I was no good for him. He was so unnaturally nice. Is this alrighty, is that alright? Was he mocking me? Then I thought, maybe nice is normal and that’s why I come across as so mean. I may not recognize true niceness when I see it. I never had much experience with kindness and I certainly don’t need to pass on my cynicism to the youth. I blocked his number. I will deal with adults who come to me damaged rather than ruining anyone


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  1. It’s hard to tell if you are telling the truth or a story. I’ve got to read a bit more. Don’t be surprised, and please don’t be offended, if I make some thoughtful comments. At the moment my main link to society is making random comments on blogs that catch my attention, in between walks in the desert.


    • I like having the fall back position that I’m making everything up bc it gives me plausible deniability should I ever need it! Plus, if I get accused of lying I don’t have to care


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