Transgender people might buy into traditional gender roles as the rightest wing Republican family values type

What’s revolutionary about women wearing dresses?

Have transgender people accepted society’s traditional view of male and female roles? Maybe so. Conservatives say, “boys are like this, girls are like that. Toe the line.” Transgender people seem to use traditional standards as the jumping off point. They fully accept the standard gender roles and when they assume their new gender, act exactly the way society says that gender should behave. Men who become women dress the way I expect women to dress, and the same with women who become men.

I thought gender roles were changing but the change is in who can assume traditional gender roles

I was the one who was mistaken when I thought it was a revolution in gender roles. In fact gender roles are so immutable that if you want to act like, or dress like a certain gender, you have to get a sex change. Or at the very least, self identify as the gender that matches appropriate actions and attire. Is there really progress in locking down what men and women have to be?

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