Prostitution can be a form of self-art

The beauty of prostitution is that it gives both participants the chance to paint themselves however they want. In this moment you can truly reinvent yourself and in subsequent moments you can try out different personas. It is almost artistic. Provided, of course, that the provider is doing the work independently and is not in any way coerced. Yes, this can happen.

4 responses to “Prostitution can be a form of self-art”

  1. It was meant to be one post. Unfortunately I don’t think this is the place to add the type of detail needed for explanation. I am sure I would enjoy conversations with you that were not so much of a public record. Your experiences and knowledge base must be fascinating.

    On a side note since I started reading your posts I found myself asking providers questions about curiosities I have. I have had no satisfactory answers to date. I am not sure if it a problem with perception, language, or most probably a lack of interest. I will keep looking for that type of open discussions.


  2. As I am not your usual customer. I shan’t elaborate on the particulars but have often been told my enjoyments are unique to their experiences.

    I wish the send button was not so close to the typing line on my phone. I have been the victim of the no backsies button on more than one occasion. 😖


    • Not sure what you mean, how your two paragraphs relate to each other. But not every comment is necessarily meant for my comprehension. I’m delighted to evoke a response!


  3. I like the attachment to art as it can be good or bad. It makes me think of my experiences on both ends of that spectrum and I have to agree that talent can exist in every endeavor imaginable. This article made me chuckle thinking of a provider who commented about my “art”


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