One Weird Sex Request You’ll Never Guess!

  • Follow the link
  • Believe me,
  • It is NOT what you think
  • You’ll be surprised to see,
  • This desire is actually funny
There’s a lid for every pot and there’s even a place for a nerd in the sensual world.

Published by Harvard Grad elite meets Honolulu backstreets

The story, full of wit and wisdom: Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Past degradation➡present edification.

2 thoughts on “One Weird Sex Request You’ll Never Guess!

  1. In your experience des it seem like people of above average intelligence find intelligence sexy?

    1. I know there are people who find intelligence sexy. There are people who see themselves in what they admire, and people who wish they had a trait they admire but don’t. I have found so many forms of intelligence that I believe it is impossible to rate someone as simply “smart.” I’m brilliant in a couple of ways and much less so in other areas.

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