Do you think this is rape? Everyone’s opinion of this story is different

Rape can be tricky to…I don’t know how to say it…determine, I guess. You always imagine it is so easy to recognize what is going on. But not so, as this story of an “encounter.”will demonstrate:

They were still in bed, afterwards. She was enjoying the conversation about dolphins, how they probably speculated about the intelligence of those oddly destructive humans. They were on their sides facing each other when she rolled onto her back, intending to slide out of bed and hit the shower. His next move was totally unexpected. He threw his right leg over both of her legs. Not exactly trapping her, but definitely stopping her progress. In one deft maneuver he shifted his body weight from his left side to putting himself on top of her while his right knee worked to prod her knees apart with a back and forth motion. Now he was on top of her. Not one word was spoken. She thought, how big of a deal do I want to make this? She wanted to salvage this situation without anger. Besides, she hadn’t asked for the money up front bc he had arrived on time and the house was a mess and she wasn’t ready, and…and…as long as he didn’t hurt her she’d submit. She decided to just lie there, giving him nothing extra. If he eased his weight off if her she would slide out immediately. As if he read her mind about seizing the moment, he somehow noticed the placement of her outstretched arms, side by side in the darkness, biceps beside her ears, the pointer fingers of both hands loosely linked. She could have been reaching with both hands over her head except her arms were totally limp, no tension at all, like, oh well. You are not having any impact here. He caught both wrists and held her hands over her head in his meaty grip.

He has her secured top and bottom by pinning wrists above her head and using his weight on her hips. However, he had never really grabbed her and she did not want to turn the mood into an all out battle by actively fighting. If she did that, there would be no salvaging things and however thus went would be bad for her. Why take the risk if he had not hurt her, only to lose and make him mad? She kept her body limp and relaxed. To kiss her he mashed his face onto hers. She kept her teeth together, but his tongue pushed pass her lips. This time he wass rough and hurt her lips. She blatantly resisted by grinding down with her teeth. His tongue ineffectively sought entry at different spots but all he felt was tooth. His tongue reminded her of a German Shepard dog she knew as a child that periodically escaped from its neighboring owners. It had a habit of trying to reach her by trying to find a weakness at different points in the chain link fence surrounding her backyard by attacking it here, then running to a new spot and attacking there. So on and so on. She remembered the desperate feeling, hoping the fence would hold until the dog gave up. Like the dog, he gave up on that cause and turned his attention to where He had access. He did what he wanted for a while while she waited. Couldn’t have been more than 90 seconds of unpleasantness before he released her wrists and eased up on his weight. Quickly she slid out from under him and sat up. She felt like she was in a better position to escape. Since she could run, she didn’t feel she had to. He asked, “you didn’t mind doing that again, did you?” She said “no.” She was not one to say someone had hurt if if that was the person’s goal. She would not hand over a victory to him. “I couldn’t resist, you’re so gorgeous.” She had heard this before. Who was she to expect a man nor to touch her when she looked so good. His last sentence, however, did catch her off guard. “I am surprised you let me do that.”

In the end he paid her and left, overflowing warmth compliments about her beauty. Would she allow him back? It was not like he had hurt her so…probably.

2 responses to “Do you think this is rape? Everyone’s opinion of this story is different”

  1. I wouldn’t call it rape, but the guy was an asshole if he thought she didn’t mind it. Or he is one for pretending that he didn’t know that she didn’t want it. What a douchebag. A situational rapist, most definitely a rapist in the making. I wouldn’t piss up his as if his guts were on fire.


    • So where’s the line between rapist and Asshole? Hard to say. To a guy like that if she means no she will really fight. She knows if she really fights this incident becomes a situation no one can pretend never happened. If she forces the issue things could go badly bc a woman will almost always lose in hand to hand combat with a man. A man cannot imagine not resisting probably bc he doesn’t know what it is like to be weaker than half the population.


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