Drug Involved People Do Something That We Can All Do To Stay Mentally Strong

Have You Seen Advice About Avoiding Dementia?

Do you remember the days before cell phones? We memorized phone numbers. Effortlessly. Today, there are people who do not even know their own number. Humans will lose the capacity to memorize if we don’t practice. Memorization is the most basic thinking skill. That’s the trade off in having machines do the thinking for us.

See these signs? If you can imagine these signs, and use them, to do math as well as people society calls criminals, you could be ahead if the approaching brain power crisis

College students can’t tell time using a traditional clock. You know, the big hand and the little hand?🕐 If you don’t remember, you are not alone. We are going to see an uptick in Alzheimer’s disease and other indicators of brain frailty if we don’t do more with our minds than find free porn sites like Porn.hub. Not that I dislike Porn.hub because it is very educational.

Porn or porno, which is the proper term for rated “X”?

My recommendation is that you follow the example of drug dealers, gamblers, people who deal with numbers and don’t have access to pre-made answer sheets. Here is an example of street math. There is no site to turn to in order to figure out the profit margin after deducting the cost of making “papers.” A paper is the smallest amount of a drug that is sold, usually $20. For some drugs a paper is a tenth of a gram. This amount is enough for a serving or a “hit” or two. A tenth of a gram looks like .1 when that amount of a substance is placed on a scale that’s ordinarily used for coins. That’s pronounced point one. A common colloquialism is for people to refer to papers as points. I’m told there is a rap song that refers to women (and even men) who trade sex for a mere paper as points, as in, she is a point or two. A few years ago people who traded sex for a small amount of drugs were called “strawberries.” I don’t know the origin of that slang.🍓🍓🍓🍓

The most expensive way to buy anything is not taking advantage of the cheaper cost when you buy in bulk. If you can buy a whole gram, ten points, at one time you’ll get charged $100 or $120. But if you only have $20 to spend you can only get a paper, making grams $200. Dealers who want to make the most money will say “I only have papers,” which means you could buy as much as you want but they are not giving discounts. You can ask if they have grams or “halves” but if you’re told there are only papers, you can expect to be out of luck. Not only will there be no discount but the paper bought on the streets of downtown Honolulu, will be “short,” like .07 There’s no site where all of these numbers are conveniently laid out based upon the local drug scene. In the local drug scene people care about money💲and when phones are always being stolen a person has to turn to actually figuring things out!

Find something you care about, whatever you spend most of your time doing or thinking about and see how math is involved. Then start doing the math in your head. How many 15 minute porn videos can you watch before lunch? Invent word problems for your mental math. Or, if you must, use pen and paper🖋. In this way you will build the strength of your brain, just as experts advise everyone in the mainstream media. I am presenting you a story that won’t make the cut in traditional media outlets but the information about not using your phones but do math in your head for whatever interests you is just as valid. In fact, I can say I have seen people with very little formal education do math at a lightening fast pace. I am not speculating that no matter your test scores, you can do mental math and boost your brain power. When you read about how cell phones are weakening math skills and even leading to higher rates of dementia, remember, you read it here first.

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