Must See Link: Well Respected Media Outlets Sneakily Push Their Agenda Of Racial Discord–I Am on to you!

Washington Post article, link+title⤵

Remdesivir’s rollout by the Trump administration is angering doctors on the front lines – The Washington Post, July 08, 2020

I don’t appreciate being treated like I am an idiot. The author quotes a doctor bemoaning the lack of access to the drug and how tongue tied he felt when the family of a dying patient asked why this patient did not have access to the drug. The author parenthetically adds that a large percentage of patients at this doctor’s hospital are black and Hispanic.

As I have often said, addiction lies to the sufferer and the person with the addiction lies to himself and those around him. I have learned to detect falsehoods and deception in many different forms. I am an expert on lies, if I do say so myself. Thus Washington Post article reminds me of why I take nothing at face value.

The only facts in the article are that doctors lack facts. It is not known how effective the drug truly is nor is it known how the government redistributing it. The racial composition of the population served by a frustrated doctor is irrelevant. Wait a minute, the article never said black and Hispanic patients are being denied the drug. The author merely puts some sentences near some other sentences. It is never written that race and lack of access are expressly related. If the reader wants to conclude minorities are being excluded, it is not the Washington Post’s fault. The paper presumably bears no responsibility for fueling the fire by creating not reporting the news.

I think the bigger story may be that the article is one big ad for thus drug. I have read about consumer fraud. We are warned to be wary of hints that there is a limited supply of something, that time is running out, and that access is only for the elite. If you don’t get this drug you’re not only sick, you’re also on the lust of society’s untouchables. And there is no clear, convincing evidence of efficacy. But you’ve gotta have it! The company got some sort of emergency dispensation from the FDA, so let the clamoring begin. An article like this could cause ill informed people–almost everyone is clueless– to demand access to the drug for the sake of racial equality. What a crafty commercial disguised as unbiased journalism. I wonder if Washington Post staffers own stock in the company making the medication. Maybe I should invest.

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