A new voice speaks for sex workers and disagrees with the label “desperate”

Prostitution isn’t a desperate act for many of us we want to be in the sex industry, it has put us through college, university, doctors lawyers nurses psychologist are just a short list of my co workers. Sex work has afforded us with helping our families with bills, housing, cars, we own our homes, we are educated business women who sell our time to men and women, couples, etc. .
Very true many do it out of desperation however prostitution as a desperate act is ignorant. It is very diverse and there are so many women who are not desperate. If you’d like more information to tailor writing to a more realistic view on sex work let me know! I’m always willing to help when it comes to understanding sex work as work. Also I know women from street walkers to online to strippers to high end sex workers as well as working online, stripping, in person calls, escorting anywhere from dinner to work events to vacations to fetishes and many services that do not involve sex at all. This was definitely a good read and gutsy! I like it!

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