63 out of 74 Residents in Veteran’s Facility in Hawaii caught COVID

September 09, 2020, Wednesday, 2118 Hrs.

Ridiculous Rule Til 9/23/2020

We are ending the second shutdown in Hawaii tomorrow. Sort of. You can do outdoor activities but you must hike, swim, etc. alone. No exceptions. Not even for parents with young children. Come to think of it, not even parents with each other. Doesn’t matter if you are in the same household, you can’t be in public together. The 2 year old must go to the park solo. Are we suddenly infectious toward each other outdoors? Nothing based on science. Oh yes, non essential businesses to remain closed til the 23rd. Yesterday I received the email making it official that I have no job. It was only part time and I knew this was coming and there was nothing to be done…but still it is sad.

The State Veterans Hime is on Big Island

The Big Island is larger than the star of Connecticut and all of the Hawaiian 🌴 Islands would fit inside. We had the best stats in the country. We could have learned from outbreaks elsewhere but evidently did not. Now we have this outbreak in facilities—including the jail. Both of these government run places say they are following CDC guidelines. I’m guessing not. It is pretty corrupt here and it is mainly about who you know not how qualified you are, so slackers abound. However, if there is any truth to the claim that CDC regulations are in place we are in trouble. What have we got? The rule to stay away from the people in our home when outdoors? That does not inspire confidence. We NEED TO FIND OUT WHY BC WE DO NOT KNOW.

The pandemic is still not society wide in Hawaii. Will we mostly remain untouched by the experience of being sick and knowing people who are sick. With the exception of hard hit pockets of illness among physically isolated groups within institutions. AIDS taught me that viruses don’t stay over there but make themselves at home right here. I will keep you posted.

Caroleena, expertescort, on COVID in Hawaii

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