Pandemic is Hawaii Con Artist Dream

Hawaii is beautiful but w/issues

Hawaii has ranked #1 in the United States for property crimes. This means there are a lot of people looking to steal from you and there are more of these thieves than you will find elsewhere. I saw a great many thieves when I was in the wrong side of the tracks. I also saw a sub category of thief: the person who wants to come up at your expense. The con artist, the hustler. Always looking to take something from you and convince you that you owed it.

Federal aid to Hawaii was an opportunity scammers could not resist. Hawaii did not publicize the availability of federal aid. Rumor travelled by word of mouth. By the time people started hearing about Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) the program had been in place since February. Many people were due back payments of $9000 or more, but they did not know about it until their helpful “friends” came along to tell them about the $2000 they could get. What? No way! There was nothing to worry about, the con artist assured them. Just give me your identifying information and I will have your payment sent to an account we can both access. The unsuspecting people did not believe such good fortune could be real and thought they had nothing to lose. Imagine how grateful they were to get $2000 out of nowhere!

What Happened To Me

I was not going to hand over any information. When someone told me about it I did the footwork myself. What do I owe you for telling me about money that is rightfully mine? Nothing at all, I was told by someone I know to be greedy and stingy. I learned a major lesson about what to watch out for when someone ungenerous does something nice for “free.”

Con artists never state a price for their favors so they can create the illusion that you are perpetually in debt to them

Caroleena, citing an x-Hooker life hack

The reason this associate told me about the money was so he could borrow money he never planned to repay. I took the chance by lending him the money and when he did not repay, a friend of mine had a conversation with him about my $500 and the associate did give me some compensation. But look at this text message from the poor victim who had to repay what he owed:

The message of the text? I owed him bc he told me there was money for me. Funny, that’s not what he said when he promised to repay me $500. I have not spoken to him since I discovered he acted friendly only to access my cash on hand. Any opinions?

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