How to Avoid Scammers, Creatively: Xhookr Life Hack #4

Monday, September 21, 2020, 1642 Hrs, Honolulu Hawaii

X-Hookr Life Hack #4: Require a voice call with anyone who wants your money, time, service, or product. If you are dealing with someone through text or email and the person resists making a voice call to you, or receiving a voice call from you, do not trust the person.

It is common for a scammer to eventually place a call to you to appear compliant with your voice call requirement, but that only means the person has used the time to take steps to disguise his identity, or get his story straight, or he is trying to catch you without your recording device ready (always record business calls especially when money is to change hands).

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The story, full of wit and wisdom: Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Past degradation➡present edification.

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