Rodney King, Breonna Taylor—Honolulu doesn’t care but there’s racism here

No Charges Against The Breonna Taylor Murdering Cops? No Surprise

In Hawaii we appear to be removed from the racial angst of the mainland. There are no protests here, that I know of, over the latest injustice. But I feel both resigned and angry, but not surprised by the latest developments on the mainland United States.

1960 Mississippi Lives

In 1992 I was shocked and personally hurt when the jury found the police who were videotaped beating Rodney King not guilty. I could not believe it. Had nothing changed since the 1960’s? I thought of the murders of Schwerner, Goodman, and Cheney who were activists killed by Mississippi policemen, (and others) who laughed and boasted and never got convicted of anything in that state. The only reason the feds cared was that two of them were white, fellow New Yorkers (like me). It took the FBI to find their bodies in makeshift graves after they’d been shot. Two died from the bullets but one of the New Yorkers was buried alive and the autopsy showed he tried to dig himself out of his premature grave. He did not make it. The feds stepped in to charge the white…people with violating their civil rights and one of the conspirators got 10 years, the others got much less time and some were found not guilty altogether. The movie Mississippi Burning tells the story of a land that doesn’t seem like America. But of course, now I know that 1960 Mississippi lives on, quintessential America, though only in part. I’m grateful that it is here, but only partially.

The Hurt Comes from thinking 1960 Mississippi is gone

If you believe the United States has changed completely you’ll be hurt to hear no charges will be filed against the police who shot and killed Breonna Taylor. I have to go back and reread the justifications for shooting a single woman six times bc I can’t remember how they framed it. They’re not rioting in Kentucky and I’m glad because, and this is shallow and selfish, rioting reflects poorly on all black people and I’m judged by that behavior. It embarrassed me and diminishes our position as the righteous wronged. Rioting makes white people think, “see, that’s why the cops treat them like that.” I know, I know not all whites. Not the good ones. They are protesting because they are surprised. I’m not. The Rodney King trial taught me that. On a personal level, the hatred you’ll see in pix of my neighbors who complained about a black woman living on their floor has hardened me. Maybe humans need an “other” to be “them” in order to define “us.” Will there ever be peace? No. Just different reasons to hate each other and new justifications for burying the enemy alive.

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