the people you think you’ve settled for reject YOU!

Sexual Violence Life Hack: Cheer on a Would-Be Rapist – Harvard To Homeless in Hawaii


Sexual Violence Life Hack: Cheer on a Would-Be Rapist

Shock your rapist into yielding control to you

Video-Behavior of Racists Gone Wild

Look at this video for a lesson in unpunished crime When I look at the crazy lady who assaulted me last year with impunity I have to correct myself. She’s not crazy. She has rational reasons behind her yelling, her outbursts, even her roaches—she can as nasty as the worst people because she knowsContinue reading “Video-Behavior of Racists Gone Wild”

Lonely? Prostitution Eases Lonliness Follow the link above to one of the most popular articles of all time. #Prostitution, #Loneliness, #AllTimeLists, #OneSurprisingThing,#Links, #PopularPosts

I’m Glad George Floyd Was Not a Sexy Victim

George Floyd is no poster child for an ideal victim which is what makes him the perfect victim to carry our hopes.

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