An old pro tells you the ONLY way a couple can have sex with a 3rd

HarvardxhookrinHI Knows Threesomes

When I was a sex worker I was asked to participate in various arrangements, the specific combination of people need not be detailed in this post. Suffice it to say, I have experience in unconventional intimacy. In addition to learning from my own experiences, I interviewed other providers in order to maintain the self-delusion that I was not a real street person but an anthropological researcher. I asked woman who started working the streets in her early teens. Now, it’s 40 years later and there’s no way I would miss a chance to record her experiences. “Mande” says that a couple can bring another person into their bed but there is only one way to keep the extra person from threatening the relationship.

The Visual Barrier

A woman who loves her significant other will be loyal to him no matter who shows up. If a woman strays it’s because of problems in the relationship that have nothing to do with an outsider. Men, on the other hand, are led astray by their ever present internal lust. are simple in matters of gonads. Men are visual. They are easily and constantly enticed by sex under ordinary circumstances when everyone’s dressed. If he sees a woman naked and willing to be with them, he will want to go back by himself and see if she is willing to be with him. It’s the nature of the beast. Solution? The man must not know the woman, he must never be alone with her, and most importantly, if you take only one precaution, the man must be blindfolded at all times.

Mandee, a sex worker with 40 years of pro experience
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then during a threesome the woman must prevent the man from becoming a beholder. This is the only time I advocate her controlling his view of other women.

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