Don’t Let Them Trick You – MindGeek, PornHub, and YouPorn are Bad News | Chronic Sex

Link to article about Mindgeek, monopoly owner of virtually all important web porn sites, allegedly by stepping on the little peopleLink to a scathing article about how a Canadian tech company unknown to most Americans has established monopoly on most internet porn. Results: poor quality, intimidated actors, copyright infringements. Commentary by Caroleena the expert escort follows in post

For performers who, like any other human in an occupation, has a family or another job to worry about? It’s even more terrifying.
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Sex workers are human. It always bothers me when articles have statements like the one above, reminding readers that sex workers have humanity. Would an editor accept an article that said, women are just like men and they are concerned about their families? Hardly. Yet, the assumption that the reader will think of the sex worker as inferior just perpetually reinforces the idea that the humanity of sex workers is debatable. So frustrating!

The Short link to the above post

I give you the short link to make sharing my writing about the Mind Geek article even easier. I provide you with the picture/link to the original article I reference. As I learn more about how to increase your viewing pleasure, this site will get better and I will provide you with full fledged escapism from the world. Cool! Now I am going to provide you with the link to a topically related post:

Consenting adult male hobbyists post about their experiences with local sex work (ish) providers. The sex @work” is for entertainment purposes only. The site probably guys info to make informed choice about which consenting adult female provider they’d like to see and the site allows them to share experiences they’ve had with sex workers over their lifetimes. A lot of bluster and tall tales along with writings that reveal complex relationships between adult industry workers and their clientele. Many major American cities have devoted discussion threads.
Caroleena’s voice was banned from an adult services discussion site , Caroleena shares why this was the right decision to preserve the all male zeitgeist of the USA site to allow men the illusion that only guys can see how they really feel about women, in this case on the Honolulu Hawaii thread

Published by Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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