A Pimp and His “Stable,” An Intelligent Analysis

Women want forever, men want variety—forever

Among similarly situated women, there’s one woman with top rank, the “Bottom Bi**h”

In organized prostitution there’s a man, the pimp, who serves as the leader over a group of women who are the sex workers. All of the women turn all of their earnings over to the pimp who takes care of them—with their money. He provides food, clothing, shelter, and a set of rules such as when to work, the daily earning expectation, working hours,and protection from other pimps. His most important function is the one thing the women truly cannot do without help, that is he bails them out when, not if, they are arrested. Ideally he will provide an attorney. A sex worker on the street is supposed to avoid speaking to another pimp and she knows the pimps bc they approach and almost demand she go with him. If she meets his eyes he has the right to harass her as long as she is out by following a half step behind her, yelling at her, even hitting her. The practice looks pretty outrageous but no one intervened when a woman in high heels is race walking away from a black guy yelling obscenities at her. Street rules, rule. If woman does not have a pimp to intervene his ability to harass her without interruption is an argument to jump ship and join the new guy.

The Expectation of Abuse

It would be nice if the original pimp provides protection from the undercover police and protection from rival pumps but far too often I believe she needs protection from him. If he provides nothing else, he will provide the demand that she bring in money or else. He might hit her, but what’s worse to women who want this sort of attention, he might cast her out. Predators know that abused women accept abuse as attention reserved only for the closest people to the man. It’s not popular to say but many women expect abuse and feel uncomfortable without ill will in their living situation.

Competition Hinders Women

Why don’t the women get together and make their own cooperative? Isn’t a non-earner like a pimp financial dead weight? The Bible says that a house divided against itself will not stand. Pimps divide and conquer by declaring one of the women the official girlfriend, the most important, the so-called “bottom bi**h.” Women are too busy jockeying for high status position because, I speculate, we all receive the cultural message that male approval has more weight than female acceptance. The bottom bi**h will be able to boss the other women around and had more sat than the others but ultimately he is the authority.

Men’s ideal conflicts with Women’s Dreams-come-true

It goes without saying that all of the women are sexually available to him. Whether they consider themselves religious people who want “sister wives” or they consider themselves outlaws with a “stable” of women, men have a desire for a group of sex partners. Woman do not have a comparable desire for a group of men, much less a group that is ever expanding, in a man’s perfect world. The fear of being replaced by a woman who has yet to appear is another anxiety provoking distraction for women who crave stability in an inherently unstable arrangement.

Can women be self aware and cooperative?

Maybe as women we need to acknowledge some hard truths, like we will accept abuse and otherwise violate our standards for him. This way, when we are self-aware enough to catch ourselves in self defeating behavior we can make a change that will feel difficult. Only then could we come together the way men do and run our own enterprise just as men have worked without women in their midst.

Published by Harvard Grad elite meets Honolulu backstreets

The story, full of wit and wisdom: Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Past degradation➡present edification.

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