Serial Killers Are safe with the police. Why not everyone?

George Floyd, Rodney King…those guys were no good. Who cares how they were treated by the cops. They had it coming, if not for the reason of the last arrest than for some other crime in the past.


Gary Michael Hilton decapitated a woman in 2007 after he began “hunting.” He had several previous murders under his belt by the time he was caught for killing the single mother after abducting her and her black Lab from Georgia’s “Blood” Mountain. He released the dog, safely, after scattering her remains. Hilton only revealed the location of her body after authorities made a deal: life in prison instead of the death penalty if he took them to her body somewhere near the Appalachian trail.

The Requirement To Keep All Prisoners Safe

I watched the footage of sheriffs transporting this guy between vehicles and the court house as arrangements were made for the killer to take interested officials to the murder site. The admitted killer was surrounded by a phalanx of buff law enforcement guys who kept the angry crowd away from their charge. When he took them to the two locations of her remains (one site for her body and the other for her head) he was in a bulletproof vest. The authorities had developed a system of trotting in unison as a coordinated group of 12 with the killer in the middle, in order to minimize his exposure to potential assassins. They kept him safe. Before and after he showed them where he put her head. That safety was their job and it did not matter what blood was on his hands. The law is cold, dispassionate , and no respecter of persons.

Don’t tell me George Floyd was no good and therefore didn’t deserve safe transport when confessed serial killers of young mothers are safe with the police. Well, I guess the serial killers are white so…


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