An ex-sex worker’s dream of helping people not feel alone with “weird” secrets via snuggling

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An Ex-Sex Worker Knows People Have Unlikely Likes

Eventually this ex-sex worker would fulfill her dream of contributing to humanity by sharing “weird” experiences so others won’t feel alone with their secrets. Snuggling was a great way to feed my delusion that I was, at that time, contributing towards research. And besides, I liked it.

Yes, it happens. People really do pay for services others would not consider a service. In fact, people pay to receive treatment others would consider a total rip off. Imagine if you paid a woman for her time and she goes to sleep when you arrive. Sure, she invites you into her bed to nap beside her, but would you feel you had received a service worth money? No?

Snuggling and the delusion that I was primarily a researcher

By this point in the paragraph you should clearly see where I am going with this line of thought. You have no doubt accurately guessed that I have been paid to nap with someone. It was a good deal because I ordinarily sleep for free. I was able to feed my delusion that I was an unofficial student doing research on unconventional subcultures. To the outsider it might have looked like I was sleeping in the middle of the day but the deeper truth is I would one day publicize my work and further society’s knowledge about what’s truly done in the dark. And the even larger purpose fulfilled? People who felt isolated with their seemingly bizarre secrets would find out they were not alone.

The True Pleasures of an Ex-Sex Worker

The truth was I was not primarily a researcher. I was primarily an addict. I happened to seize the good fortune of 17 years of education which allowed me to assemble these experiences on this site. Now, I can feel like I am doing something with those days—for myself and for YOU. But then, the purpose was the dope. However, I still had to get through the work and I enjoyed the snuggling. Initially I sort of mocked the client as a chump. Over time, you inevitably get to know a person no matter the circumstances, and I came to like him. He must have liked me too. We enjoyed the snuggling, looked forward to doing it, and seeing him. Any sex worker will tell you these secret relationships are common. Had we seen each other in public there’d be an extremely low key greeting or we ignored each other totally. The wife never had to worry.

If only I could have snuggled professionally

Not enough money in it. The lower rate would have been manageable if I had had the volume of snugglers. Maybe other women have that volume but I met way more men wanting something other than snuggling and I will tell you about some of these desires in upcoming posts.

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