The Shocking Real Reason Gay Men Offend Straight Men

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Flipping Him”

I’ve knock a couple of gay guys who were downright aggressive when they flirted with straight guys. I’ve seen looks and gestures at one workplace that would’ve gotten the guy fired if he had done that to a woman. I would have been appalled and offended had I seen a woman who was clearly annoyed and avoidant by aggressive sexual advances. Instead, my own double standards were at work without me even knowing it. I was not upset, I was intrigued. I wanted to know more. I asked, “How often were these over the top tactics successful?”

All the time. These guys never say no , they just have to put up a good front if people are around. The key is telling them no one will ever know. And, you have to keep the secret. If they hear about you and another guy, no one will say yes again. It’s such a juicy secret it’s hard to keep but you have to. They don’t even know about each other. They always think they are the special ones!

A gay friend detailing his success at “flipping” straight guys, at least once

A Straight Target‘s Perspective

I was lucky enough to hear about the experience from the other guy’s point of view. He spoke of how tireless the gay guy had been. He had been waiting in the gay guy’s apartment for someone. As long as he was there on his turf, the gay guy relentlessly considered him fair game. I was just forming the thought that this behavior sounded familiar to me when the straight guy said:

He treated me like I was a b—, I mean, like I was a woman! That’s how men are with women and he wanted to pressure me like that? That was not cool. Not cool at all. I’m not some b—, I mean, some chick.

A straight guy, explaining, the true source of his distress over sexual advances from another man

The Harvard ex sex worker investigated further

According to my interviews being treated like a woman is a grave insult as far as a man is concerned. If men are being honest they acknowledge that men use women in many ways for seemingly many reasons. The real reason is always simply reducible to sex. It’s like, in their heart of hearts, men don’t believe women have the right to say no. Certainly any woman he claims does not have the right to say no to him. If said woman says no to him,and yes to someone else, a lot of men secretly believe physical punishment is in order. Most men won’t share this belief with anyone, not even themselves. But if he is being honest with himself, and no one else will find out how he really thinks, this is the truth: When a man thinks of being treated like a woman, it means he is viewed as someone to be used, abused, then discarded, like someone who is not a card carrying member of the human race. You know, like a b—, I mean, like a woman.

Men are insulted when they think they are viewed as women are viewed. They are offended to be treated the way men treat women when they ceaselessly pressure women for sex. If the homosexuality bothers them, it’s far worse to be likened to a woman than a gay man.

Caroleena’s conclusion about why sexual advances from gay men anger straight men.
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