It Really IS impossible to Rape The Willing—Strategically Thwarting Attackers

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A Way To Stay Safe—W/ Disclaimer

I was doing research about bears because somehow the issue of a bear attack entered my mind. I knew that for one type of bear, play dead, for another type, climb a tree. Do NOT get the two strategies mixed up. I looked up grizzly bears and brown bears and interestingly, the emphasis of all the bear attack articles is above all, avoid, avoid, avoid. Having to figure out the type of bear, and figure out what to do is an undesirable state of affairs.

Rape Came To Mind

I have heard that 30% of women are raped by less than 5% of men. I think those numbers are waaay too small, but I do see the message: women are raped by men who are almost always serial rapists. In conversations with women I learned that rape is not a one time event. Women have to deal with more than one rapist or would be rapist in their lives. Hence, many of us, maybe most of us, will have to figure out how to handle an attacker and we may have to strategize like this more than once. When it comes to bear attacks there’s a way to avoid them but occasionally things go awry. It would be great if we could avoid dangerous men as easily but they might be heads of the household where we grow up. In any case, bears and rapists are similar because sometimes, not always, we can out think them. I have found one way that foils a certain type of attacker.

The Man Who Wants to Scare

When an attacker wants to scare a woman it’s because he enjoys the fear. He actually needs the woman’s terrified reaction in order to proceed. When an attacker says anything the best thing to do is to enthusiastically agree. Be over the top. Shock him with a reaction he is not anticipating. If he announces his plan to do something try saying something like: “Finally! That’s wonderful! What are you waiting for.” You want to add to the situation, which has now turned bizarre by doing unexpected things like ripping off your top, or reaching to take of his clothes. I have even clapped my hands with enthusiasm. You have nothing to lose. No matter how threatening , whatever weapon he has, etc…do not let him control your reactions. No one can control how you react. You own you.

Boredom Works Too

If you’re suddenly faced with a knife wielding assailant you’ve got to snap into self protection. Casually look at him and say, “whatever.” If you have a book nearby pick it up as if you’re returning to your reading and say, “I’m just going to read so I have some entertainment.

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