Is The Secret A Sinister Mind Control?

Think It Into Existence!

As I understand The Secret, our minds produce our reality. That’s not revolutionary. We all know that our experience, how it feels to be alive, is our attitude about what happens to us. But The Secret isn’t promoting a certain attitude in dealing with our experiences. The Secret says we can make things happen by believing. Big things like career, finances, stuff that we can impact but it was never thought that we could totally control, well, society, with our minds. Unemployed? Think your career into existence! Still unemployed? You are not a true believer! This book became huge right smack dab in the middle of job loss through automation. World changing automation, artificial intelligence. The change in society is as huge as the change wrought by the Industrial Revolution that allowed for the mass production of stuff, and not by the sweat of one’s brow. I believe the machines, the assembly line, that was called mechanization. Now we have automation through artificial intelligence. We have artificial intelligence collecting info about our real world behavior without our being aware of it. We live in a corporate surveillance system. What we do is constantly under surveillance by recording our use of the technology. Do we write agendas in bullet points or paragraphs? It’s called micro behavioral targeting. Little things we do, hat seem so minor we do not realize that our choice of exercise videos on YouTube was something so worth knowing billionaires are paying to get the influx. Why? To manipulate us to buy stuff without our being aware we have been manipulated. Companies know who is a racist, who’s a misogynist, who’s lazy, who’s a conspiracy theorist–and they know how to manipulate these people, all people. That’s real

Beware of the philosophy taught in The Secret. It is as unnatural as blue hair

power. Billionaires have it. Most of us do not know this power exists, so we certainly have not formed thoughts about the forces that have concentrated the wealth into the hands of a few. (The third largest landowner in the U.S. owns more land than the entire U.S. population of black Americans, if you want to get a handle on what wealth concentration looks like.)


It is against this background that we are told we can think it into existence! “It” is whatever a person wants. The implication is that we must know what we need to know to create our lives.  Am I saying people who have failed, or not succeeded to the expected level (like your beloved author) are off the hook? It’s not our fault? I am saying “fault” is the wrong word. There are forces bigger than us that shape us and our possibilities. But the media tells people “your difficulties are your failure to put on a happy face backed up by true belief.” True belief in thought power, almost telekinesis–what would have been called ‘magical thinking,’ illogical or even delusional.

Prior to this year’s protests, white people mocked me when they heard me insist that current day racism is a part of my daily life. Without a trace if irony one person said, “the problem with you blacks is you guys always think it is racism.” People do’tt say that to me as much but there is still the belief that I am creating the racism I expect to see. I wonder what racists would think of the notion that I am controlling them!

I believe “The Secret” is Positive the way blissful Stepford wives are positive. Oppression on a grand scale through lying by omission and redirecting people’s attention from the powers that truly control them and creating a new source of self condemnation as we fail to marshal our tiny locus of control to change our lives.  Im going to send this article to people who will hate it and I want those opposing thoughts!


#TheSe RET

#Sur eillanceEconomy




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