“That’s Not Sexy,” Guys Tell Me

Welcome Dear Reader! Thank you for spending this time in your life with me. I don’t just appreciate you, I need you.  I think I know sexy but when I ask guys for their feedback they tell me any picture that is artistic, that makes the body or the outline of the body unclear, is not what they want to see. Many guys enjoy pics that are not full nudes, that leave something to the imagination. That’s good bc this is not a porn site but a site that looks at taboos in Hawaii with intelligence and wit. Not porn. But that doesn’t mean I want unappealing pictures. In fact, as I discover which pictures sites forbid me from posting, I am discovering that women’s bodies are considered “dirty.” I don’t hear the expression “dirty pictures” anymore. In my youth, dirty pictures were understood to be pictures of sex acts (one could argue that sex is not dirty but that’s beyond the scope of this post). It is still sad that women’s bodies, even clothed, represent something dirty.

It is challenging for me to choose appealing pix that guy’s like that do not get me banned off if regular sites. Facebook told me I’m on my last chance. I meet up with people who tell me what they think. Please keep the comments coming. I thought this picture was a triumph. Guys gave the picture a rating of: meh.

Sexy or meh?







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2 thoughts on ““That’s Not Sexy,” Guys Tell Me

  1. not sexy. Another thing I find interesting is that so many women love to show their feet as if they think men see that as sexy. Not.

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