We will tour Honolulu’s Red Light District starting Tonight

Hidden and Forbidden Hawaii as it was in Honolulu’s downtown area was a lot less hidden in the early 2000’s. In those days the Red Light District was busy for 24 hours a woman or a man dressed like a woman and wass not trying to pass for a woman, could, as they say, “get a date,” (pick up a man who would pay for her time, usually but not always to have sex) by simply walking to Kukui Street. In under 60 seconds (I timed

it) a car would pull over and the car”s occupant, a single man, would ask if the woman wanted a ride or if he was uncertain about how to proceed, the driver would pull over and wait for the woman to look at him though the passenger side of the car and she would ask, “Can I have a ride?” At which point he would agree, she’d get in.  Let’s go downtown tonight to see if this system is still in play.  All I have is the camera phone to do secret recordings but I know success will come from these humble beginnings.  I’ll be back later me dear Reader.





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The story, full of wit and wisdom: Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Past degradation➡present edification.

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