Tricks Who Steal From Sex Workers

Wouldn’t you think getting ripped off by the client, or “trick,” would be common for sex workers? The truth is just the opposite, if I consider my experience and look at reports from several women. Of course we know to get the money up front but realistically a woman cannot hope to overpower a man in a direct one on one fight. Maybe men don’t want to take the firm step from bully to brute. In the years I’ve experienced working, and with people I’ve talked to, I only know of one instance of the man demanding his money back. Red flags were totally obvious going into the date so in a way it was her fault. She wasn’t even surprised when he told her she wasn’t leaving til he got his money. Some guys are reluctant to risk a scene where they live, but this guy evidently figured that he could punch her faster than she could scream. And just like bank tellers are advised in the event of a robbery, when it comes to a guy asking for his money, the best thing to do is give him the money. Once a guy puts himself out there with an overt threat machismo demands that he not back down, not for someone he considers a b***h or a w***e. That guy was the exception. Stealing back the money is a crime of opportunity. Guys will grab it if they see it. If you’re lucky enough to notice or spot them, say “you know what I do all the time? Accidentally grab stuff. You didn’t happen to pick some bills, by .ostak..If a guy can back out of the theft gracefully with feigned surprise about what’s in his pocket, he will give the money back. Rarely, a guy gets away with, “I put it over there,” as he’s out the door. But that only works if she is too nervous to ask for the money upfront for fear he is an undercover. Without money mentioned it’s legal to meet up with strangers for sex. Undercovers looking for a bust will be very talkative and specific like “Sex is $300, right? I will be happy if you tell me this.” Obviously a provider cannot make a deal on a price for a sex act (ridiculous!). If a guy is quiet or talks about anything other than an exchange of something of perceived value for a specific sex act, she feels better–about not getting arrested. But it sucks to wait for the money until he has one foot out the door. This practice sets the stage for the most common rip off. “I didn’t know it’s go this far. I thought we’d talk.” Or, “you wanted money?” At which point the provider has to do verbal gymnastics by dating ,”I don’t. It’s totally up to you.” Then hope he gets her. In most cases, he will part with a measly $100 which isn’t quite a rip off but it’s not cool. If a provider is doing something illegal the law will not enforce an illegal contract. She has no recourse other than trying to make honesty and her approval important to the guy. Amazingly, mostly, she succeeds.

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