Controversial YouTube Link A MUST SEE Defining Addiction

I have been saying this very thing but he says it better.  Addiction is a response to human suffering.  Not only does he dismiss the idea of addiction as a moral failure but he does not embrace the idea of addiction as a disease.  I wrote, within the last month I think, that every addict I know has experienced a childhood of abuse, abandonment, or absolutely no consequences (or “spoiling”). These conclusions are based upon my observations of addicts, my self-analysis as an addict, and I am able to assemble my views into a coherent ideological framework thanks to the world class ivy league education that I had hoped would heal my soul. My schooling did not heal my soul but it gave me a great vocabulary and the ability to use those words to convey thoughts to others. And that’s a very big deal. My experiences in and around Honolulu Hawaii’s ground zero from the early 21st century until today January 3, 2021 are what makes my site original.  I know what I am talking about and I want you to hear what I have to say because people in your life, maybe you, suffer and compound the suffering with the response to pain.  I simply could not let you miss this YouTube talk.  You’ll be glad you followed the link!

I invite you to take this new year and really engage with me.  Tell me what I am doing right, or wrong.  Let me know what I should stop altogether, or what you want to see more.  Tell me if I am as witty and intelligent as I promised I would be–I am often mistaken about these assumptions (lol).

Sensuality is of particular interest to me in that I want to convey what keeps people coming back to the red light side of life.  What’s so appealing when you look at people on the street?  There must be something that draws people in.  Tell me if I manage to sensibly put words to my  opinion of the attraction of street life and those who dibble and dabble in it.














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