A Serial Killer, Donald Trump, and the Republican Party

One of my beloved forensics shows played a segment about infamous serial killer Ted Bundy and his participation, to an extent, in normal life. Bundy was once head of the Republican Party’s Seattle branch (forgive me if I get the exact wording of the organization titles wrong). At first I thought Republicans would not like to be associated with Bundy but after an article I read about how Republicans must embrace Donald Trump publicly because if they criticize him even slightly, other Republicans will shun them and they lose key power positions within the party.  And this is post-insurrection at the Capitol.  Perhaps I am taking liberties when I say that some hard-core Trump loyalists do not have the same standards that people like me think are important for public figures and people in authority.  If Ted Bundy supports Trump who knows how far he can figuratively speaking, rise through the ranks of Republicans, albeit from a prison cell.  Maybe I need to evaluate my own standards.  I do not believe having a criminal record automatically disqualifies a person from full participation in life.  Maybe I need to be the open minded one and embrace those who champion violence and intolerance, if I want to live according to the standards I have set for myself.  Am I intolerant if I do not support intolerance? I began this article somewhat sarcastically but maybe there truly is an issue for me to examine.  Am I a bigot if I do not support racists…?








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