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Sexy or meh?

Do you want to know what guys are thinking about when they are hunting for sex or want to brag about there conquests? I like seeing how the other half lives. I found discussion sites that are divided into regions so that local men can talk about their hometown experiences with sex workers. As a woman peering into the secret world of men’s thoughts, I felt like I was in a foreign land on a safari into a wilderness like no other. I was able to read what men say to other men when they are under the impression that it’s just the boys. The most in depth discussions I have found are on usasexguide.nl. Notice the nl bc you can’t get there without tacking on those last letters.

This site is more than just reviews of providers. It also includes heated discussions that might’ve ended in fisticuffs had the guys been face to face. Totally awesome reading. Lest you think this is an ad for that site, I want to tell you that I have actually been banned for life. I thought what I always think–I have something to say that others are lucky to hear. Lol! I started contributing posts without hiding my gender. Guys began adjusting their posts either to my liking or to spite me. The admin emailed me and let me know that as a woman, I have a mouth that should be put to better use than talking. He accused me of ruining the Zeitgeist of the boys will be boys, all male atmosphere and after taking note of my ip address told me I was banned for life. I don’t know how he knows it is me trying to register for free from another device but be always does. In the end I agreed with him and started my own platform to talk about Everything Red Light Hawaii. I am grateful to him for giving me that push. I want you to know about that site bc I’m certain you’ll find it fascinating and you might read about people you know if you live in the United States and look up your region’s section.

The premise of the site is, in my own words, “Brothers, let’s help each other get laid!” Guys give info about providers using the names the providers give them but no other identifying info.

The info limits are: no addresses, videos, no obscene pictures, no pictures with a name and a face (I think) no last names, no allegations about drug use, no speculation about  HIV/disease status, no racism although it’s ok to name the provider’s race or the guy’s preference, no bragging about/threats of violence. Maybe I missed an item that’s off limits. What’s not off limits are graphic descriptions of encounters that are even gross. Taboos include insults, name calling, profanity, meanness. In fact, I got kicked off the site when I said there was no need to name call. A guy could’ve said this very same thing. Maybe a bunch of guys might’ve disagreed but that’s it. But a woman criticizing a man on male turf? Unacceptable. The admin also wrote in his final email to me that this site was a place where a guy could call a woman a big fat f*****g cow w/o hearing a b***h yapping in his ear about it. Racism–no, misogyny, yes! Hey, I was the one who wanted to know true inner thoughts.

Naturally I am not reading the true inner thoughts of a randomly selected group of men, but men who see prostitutes and are willing to write about it. A far larger group of men simply read and never post for fear they can be traced. I do not know who would care but very many guys don’t want to anonymously record their misdeeds (by society’s standard). I say all of this to say maybe most men are not carbon copies if the site participants, who call themselves mongers.

If you are seeking someone and you want a certain age, race, location, someone who uses real pix, a certain personality, someone who’s not a thief, someone who advertises online or walks the ho stroll, this site is for you. Warning–you have to give info about a provider before asking any question, no matter how innocuous. If you join the site with a taker mentality, the guys will jump all over you. So I guess that leaves out the newest of newbies. But, if you can share as little as “I saw so and so, she was cool. Great attitude, no rush,” then you’ve got enough to get a foot in the door and join your brother mongers.  Don’t make the mistake of inviting your female friends to write anything without hiding their identities. That’s a mistake that will result in a painful scolding if you’re like me and have no sense of the expectations in a social situation, even am online remote social situation. If she is not as inept as I am at socializing maybe she can fit in. Fitting in on a permanent basis is something I’ve never been able to do but do not let my bloopers stop you from…using the internet to get the sex you want!













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