Black Women’s Surprising Suicide Stats

It’s nice to have done good news. Every time I hear about a social problem, I don’t know…low educational achievement or whatever…black women always seem to be having the hardest time. Rates of disease, teen pregnancy, property ownership, anything you can imagine. Imagine my surprise to discover that out of everyone measured (no I don’t know who did the research) Black women have the lowest suicide rates. Less than 1%. Black women almost never commit suicide. This number must be true since I heard it on the show Forensic Files. I feel a sense of pride. One of the things I like to tell people is if they had to go through the racism I fight, my challenges would annihilate them. I guess I was right. You’ve got to be behind strong to take the kind of treatment I have taken with the race based disadvantages unknown to others (like being rejected as a newborn by the white side of my biological family and ending up in foster care.) Yes, of course I know I’ve been very fortunate too. This blog is premised on the idea that the combination of privilege and paucity had given me a unique perspective. Please don’t think I’m indulging in self pity. Quite the opposite. I feel like high giving someone right now. Am I weird?(Redundant question, lol!)

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