Fake Pix for sex sites–why?

Why would a sex workers post fake Pix? If a guy goes online, sees the pic, and contacts the woman on the strength of her pic, what happens when he arrives at the rendezvous point? Won’t he leave when he gets there and sees the true woman? No! He will proceed no matter what the looks like. Going online to hook up with strangers for sex, maybe in exchange for money is addictive. When I say addictive what I mean is that something is activated in the brain that flips the brain’s activity switch to the “on” position. The activities become ritualized, automatic. You do this, then you do that, then you move on to the other. The sequence of actions is the same. When you take one step you’re triggered to take the next without conscious thought–like turning the ignition key in the car. Turn the key 🗝️ and next move the right hand to the wheel. When was the last time you pondered what to do after turning the key in the ignition? Never, not once driving became ingrained. You’re going to move your hand to the wheel unless you make a deliberate effort not to. Don’t believe me? Try breaking your driving sequence and see how often you keep yourself from taking the next step. You fail all the time as soon as your attention slips. You’ll be on the road before you remember you weren’t supposed to move your right hand to the wheel. Before you know it you’re doing it. Let’s imagine you’re turning the key to ignite a sexual encounter…how difficult would it be to wrench yourself out of that sequence of actions without taking the next step. He is going to go ahead with the encounter once he has arrived after turning on the ignition. One guy said once he makes the decision that he is going to arrange a date later in the day that’s all he can think about. He would have to be terribly motivated to get off that track. It’s not just automatic thoughts, but it’s habit backed up by the anticipatory pleasure of guaranteed sex without having to talk before or cuddle after. So what if he arrives and she is not as young, as thin, as pretty. Yes, he is a bit jarred, but is that disappointment enough for him to say no to guaranteed sex without conversation, cuddling or commitment? That’d have to be an awfully big disappointment. That’s why women put in fake Pix. Get him in the door and he will spend money, quite often on unexpected extras if there are other available people milling about or unexpected services to choose. Walmart works the same way. Get the customers in the door and they’ll spend more than they planned. I’m sure I’m not the only person to buy the sponge on a stick (for reaching inside of drinking glasses). I didn’t plan to buy the sponge on a stick but as long as I was there… Yes fake Pix work.

Published by Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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