False Claims About Hookers with a few anime pix

False Claims about hookers–so very common. Check out this link to hear what “they” say and what they are so wrong about!  One of the most popular posts in what’s becoming a veritable library of work!   False Claims About Hookers  

From Streetwalker to Escort–How One Woman Made the Transition

Interview with veteran sex worker: A Streetwalker is easy to describe. She walks the streets that are known for prostitution and gets into the car if any guy who pulls over for her. The workers on the street are usually homeless and addicted to several substances. For a woman to be on the street inContinue reading “From Streetwalker to Escort–How One Woman Made the Transition”

A mask can be upside down?

I had no idea a mask can be upside down. I might be the last person to discover this fact, making this post about being uninformed. But I have discovered that I am not a totally unique person and if there’s something I do not know there’s at least one other equally clueless person. IContinue reading “A mask can be upside down?”

I was targeted by a police undercover sting and got away

I was in 4 police stings when I was on the street. Twice I escaped, twice I got arrested. Here’s an escape An Arrest I Escaped Follow the link above to read my 2019 take on one of the biggest risks I faces on the street. Disclaimer: I never said my stories are true. IContinue reading “I was targeted by a police undercover sting and got away”

The One Word That is Public opinion of you

Did I Give Off a Sex Worker Vibe?   If you want to know what people think of you in a word try to find out what name they call you amongst each other that they never expect you to discover. There you have consensus. Plus whoever tells you is the weak link in theContinue reading “The One Word That is Public opinion of you”

Sex, Hookers, and Valentine’s Day

I know I have said men turn to hookers for variety without emotional entanglement. This is often true. However, much to the surprise of providers and clients relationships develop. These relationships do not usually challenge the marriage. Maybe men can stay married precisely because they have access to side sex. Sure the contact starts outContinue reading “Sex, Hookers, and Valentine’s Day”

Older Hookers whose dates call them Auntie, local style in Hawaii

GENERATION GAP Older Hooker’s experience with dates half her age Follow the above link to 2018 post from the early days of this blog when the author was more precisely focused on the topic of Everything Red Light Hawaii.

Anime Images and Foot Fetish Fan Gives Details

“I’ve cruised every site imaginable and I know most guys have a type. I like soles. The more textured the better. I’m not a toe guy. I could care less about them. I also like them scented. Many don’t. There are many variations of type. [He was asked his opinion of pedicures and nail polish.]Continue reading “Anime Images and Foot Fetish Fan Gives Details”

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