Do some racists feel badly about the Confederate flags held by Capitol Stormers

I was just watching the video evidence from Trump’s impeachment trial. Their issue is did he cross the line from approval to encouragement and then on to incitement. I do not know the legal standard set by the Supreme Court but I have a few unsolicited opinions. First, I think the authorities should have used force right away, as soon as they had to retreat from the mob. I would have supported at the very least, rubber bullets, tasers. Mind you, I have no idea how to restrain s mob and how to use weapons within a crowd on said crowd. However, retreating does not seem like the thing to do. I’m quite certain the comedians were right when they said if the participants had been black that insurrection would have met with swift force when the first person trespassed with the tip of his foot. You can believe that. I saw a bunch of Confederate flags in the group. I wonder if there are those who support the flying of the Confederate flag who would say that pack of fools with no clear plan or endgame does not represent them. Do racists feel those criminal’s are giving them a bad name. After all, the group was very unpatriotic and racism is as American as apple pie. I pride myself on being able to use my participation in the lowest and highest (kind of) parts of society to bring a unique perspective. I’ve seen people behind bars and only a handful of inmates were as bad as the group I saw trying to overthrow the government without a plan. The people who end up in prison are only a fraction of miscreants.

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