Sex, Hookers, and Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to be more about relationships on an emotional rather than sexual level. Yet, this holiday can be very nice for hookers
Valentine’s Day seems to me, a time for men to express their appreciation for the most significant woman in their lives. 

I know I have said men turn to hookers for variety without emotional entanglement. This is often true. However, much to the surprise of providers and clients relationships develop. These relationships do not usually challenge the marriage. Maybe men can stay married precisely because they have access to side sex. Sure the contact starts out as purely transactional. But when people spend time, they talk, they get to know each other, they might even turn to one another in times of trouble. And on holidays like Valentine’s day, there are men who do not want to see their friend go without acknowledgement. Yes, there are a few men I have seen who transition their hooker to their significant other. She is in the house while he goes to see different hookers. They all get Valentine’s Day gifts. It is easier to live a non monogamous lifestyle with a woman who started off as the hooker in the relationship. Easier but not easy bc like every woman they do not like it but they know it’s probably happening.  I suppose it makes since in this modern age that’s embracing arrangements other than traditional marriage, that Valentine’s can go to more than one woman. Of course we are not so advanced that anyone is willing to admit to the public they have been a sex workers or they see sex workers. Just bc something is secret doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And what’s happening on Valentine’s Day for hookers is different levels of acknowledgement from different clients and she may even feel affection in return.


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