A mask can be upside down?

I had no idea a mask can be upside down. I might be the last person to discover this fact, making this post about being uninformed. But I have discovered that I am not a totally unique person and if there’s something I do not know there’s at least one other equally clueless person. I am now willing to confess my ignorance about anything without reserve. It’s nice not having to look all-knowing because that’s a charade that is doomed to failure. This blog has a mission of showing how surprisingly relatable we are to each other, whether we are the elite or on the street.

Anyway, I had a doctor’s appointment and the doctor told me my mask was upside down. He showed me that there’s a wire at the top of the mask that can be molded to the nose for a snugger fit. The bottom of the mask can be fitted under the chin. Yes, there are ways to tell simply by looking but there are times you just grab and go, and you don’t notice once the mask is on. Now, with this info, you can check your mask while you’re wearing it to feel for that thin, flexible wire and adjust it to mold it to your nose.

You’re welcome!




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